Ein kleiner Hund, ein Herzschlag zu meinen Fen (Edith Wharton) 







yes they can.. 


x-cellent and x-tremly tough


wild and wonderful

vitality and very special

unique and unbelievable

Tough and true as a soul

Special and simply wonderful



Racy and real good looking


Quick and quite delightful

Perfect and Powerful

Open-minded and Open-hearded



Nice and Nosy




Magic und Marvelous



Lovely and Lucky 






Joyful and Jolly   



   Incredible and Irresistible 



  Happy and Handsome  



 Gentle and Graceful  



 Faithful and Fantastic  



 Especially and Enthusiastic


 Delightful and Dynamic  

 Charming and Charismatic  


  Best and Beautiful  

   Amazing and Amusing